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and the signs [as to] whether he may live.
Lxvi. A drink against if þeor is in a person.
Lxvii. Against the devil-sick and against the devil.
Lxvii. Against wooden-heart: a light drink.
Lxiiii. Against if a person has a sour stomach; and against swelling; and against stomach pain; and if a person is swollen.
Lxx. Against womb pain and against stomach pain and against womb hardness.
Lxxi. Against ulcers: a spread and a salve.
Lxxii. Against poison: a drink and spread.
Lxxiii. Against that yellow disease.
Lxxiiii. Wiþ þam gif innelf si ute.
Lxxiv. Against if the gut is out.
Lxxv. Wiþ ælcre innan untrymnesse and wiþ hefignesse and wiþ hleorblæce.
Lxxv. Against every inner illness and against heaviness and against cheek blot.
Lxxvi. Be þam hu man scyle halige sealfe wyrcean.
Lxxvi. About how a person should make a holy salve.
i. Wiþ þon þe mon on heafod ace: genim nioþowearde wrætte, do on readne wræd, binde þæt heafod mid.
i. Against when a person aches in the head: take the lower part of madder, put [it] in a red bandage, bind the head with it. 
Wiþ þon ilcan: nim senepes sæd and rudan. Gegnid on ele. Do on hat wæter. Þweah gelome þæt heafod on þam wætre. He biþ hal.
Against the same thing: take mustard seed and mountain rue. Rub in oil. Put in hot water. Wash the head often in that water. He is whole. 
Wiþ ealdum heafod ece: genim dweorgedwostlan, wyl on ele oððe on butran, smire mid þa þunwongan and bufan þam eagum on ufan þæt heafod. Þeah him sie gemynd oncyrred, he biþ hal.
Against an old headache: take pennyroyal, boil in oil or in butter, smear the temples and above the eyes on the top of the head with it. Although his mind is perverted, he is whole18
Wiþ swiþe ealdum heafod ece: nim sealt and rudan and ifig
Against a very old headache: take salt and mountain rue and an ivy

18. Cockayne: "though his intellect be deranged, he will be hale."
Olds: "Though he is deranged, he will be well."
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