Old English
Modern English
þære þe swimman. Wille on butran. Ahlyttre þæt sealt of and þæt fam. Do hwon huniges to englisces. Do ofer fyr. Awyl. Þonne hit wealle, sing .iii. Pater Noster ofer. Do eft of. Sing þonne .viiii. siþum Pater Noster on and þriwa awyl and swa gelome. Of ado and lacna mid siþþan.
Boil in butter. Clarify the salt and the foam from [it]. Put a little English honey into [it]. Put over a fire. Boil. When it boils, sing three Pater Nosters over [it]. Take [it] off again. Then sing Pater Noster over it nine times and boil three times, and [do] thus frequently. Afterwards take off [the fire] and cure with [it].
Lxii. Wiþ þære geolwan adle: ofgeot þas wyrte mid swiþe beore: ribban hand fulle, cwic rinda hand fulle, .viiii. snæda niþeweardre æscþrotan and .viiii. niþeweardre eolenan. Eft, dile, celendre, saluian mæst, wyl on swiþum beore þæt hit sie þicce and grene. Nim niþewearde eolenan. Gesniþ on hunig. Ete swa manige snæda swa he mæge. Gedrince þæs drences scenc fulne æfter and eal þæt fæc ete sceapen flæsc and nan oþer.
Lxii. For the yellow disease: soak these plants with strong beer: a handful of ribwort plantain, a handful of rowan bark, nine morsels of the lower part of vervain and nine morsels of the lower part of elecampane. Afterwards, boil dill, coriander, [and] sage stem in strong beer until it is thick and green. Take the lower part of elecampane. Cut into honey. Eat as many morsels as he can. Drink a cupful of that drink afterwards, and the entire time eat sheep flesh and none other.
Lxiii. Gif man sie innelf ute: gecnua galluc. Awring þurh clað on cu wearme meolce. Wæt þine handa þær on, and gedo þæt innelfe on þone man. Geseowe mid seolce. Wyl him þonne galluc .viiii. morgnas, butan him leng þearf sie. Fed hine mid fersce hænne flæsc...
Lxiii. If a person's bowels are out: grind comfrey. Wring through a cloth into warm cow's milk. Wet your hand there in, and put the bowels [back] inside the man. Sew [him up] with silk. Then for nine mornings boil comfrey for him, unless his need is longer. Feed him with fresh hen's flesh...
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