Old English
Modern English
de cerebro, de fronte, de lingua, de sublingua, de guttore, de faucibus, de dentibus, de oculis, de naribus, de auribus, de manibus, de collo, de brachiis, de corde, de anima, de genibus, de coxis, de pedibus, de conpaginibus, omnium membrorum intus et foris. Amen."
from the brain, from the forehead, from the tongue, from under the tongue, from the neck, from the throat, from the teeth, from the eyes, from the nostrils, from the ears, from the hands, from the neck, from the lower arms, from the heart, from the soul, from the knees, from the hips, from the feet, from the joints, from all internal and external parts. Amen."48
Wyrc þonne drenc font wæter: rudan, saluian, cassus, draconzan, þa smeþan wegbrædan, niþewearde feferfugian, diles crop, garleaces .iii. clufe, finul, wermod, lufestice, elehtre, ealra emfela. Writ .iii. crucem mid oleum infirmorum and cweþ "pax tibi." Nim þonne þæt gewrit, writ crucem mid ofer þam drince. Sing þis þær ofer: "Deus omnipotens, pater domini nostri iesu cristi, per inpositionem huius scriptura et per gustum huius, expelle diabolum a famulo tuo, N." and credo and Pater Noster. Wæt þæt gewrit on þam drence and writ crucem mid him on ælcum lime and cweþ, "Signum crucis xpī conseruate in uitam eternam. Amen." Gif þe ne lyste, hat hine selfne oþþe swa gesubne swa he gesibbost hæbbe and senige swa he selost cunne. Þes cræft mæg wiþ ælcre feondes costunge.
Then make a drink of fountain water: mountain rue, sage, reed, dragon aurum, the weary greater plantain, the lower part of feverfue, dill's top, three cloves of garlic, fennel, wormwood, lovage, lupin, all in equal parts. Write three crosses with oil of unction and say "peace to you." Then take that inscription, make [the sign of] the cross with [it] over the drink. Sing this over [it], "Omnipotent God, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, through the imposition of this writing and through the taste of it, drive out every devil from your servant, N." and the creed and Pater Noster. Wet that inscription in the drink and write a cross with it on each limb and say: "The sign of the cross of Christ preserve [you] until life eternal. Amen." If you do not want [this], command himself or the closest relative he has and sign as he best he can. This craft is powerful against every temptation of the fiend.
Lxiii. Gif mon biþ on wæter ælf adle, þonne beoþ him þa hand næglas wonne and þa eagan tearige, and wile locian niþer.
Lxiii. If a person has water-elf-disease, then the fingernails will be dark and the eyes teary, and he will look downwards.

48. This is a Latin lorica, a prayer that asks for protection over each part of the body.
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