Old English
Modern English
and .iii. cropleaces and .iii. sealtes and hæbbe him scenc fulne ealað and drype þriwa halig wæter on. Besupe ælce snæd. Gereste hine siþþan. Do þis .viiii. morgenas and .viiii. niht. Him biþ sona sel.
and three [morsels] of leek and three [morsels] of salt and have a cupful of ale for him and drip holy water three times on [him]. Eat each morsel. Let him rest afterwards. Do this nine mornings and nine nights. Soon he will be well.
Gif him biþ ælfsogoþa, him beoþ þa eagan geolwe þær hi reade beon sceoldon. Gif þu þone mon lacnian wille: þænc his gebæra and wite hwilces hades he sie. Gif hit biþ wæpned man and locað up þonne þu hine ærest sceawast and se andwlita biþ geolwe-blac, þone mon þu meaht gelacnian æltæwlice gif he ne biþ þær on to lange. Gif hit biþ wif and locað niþer þonne þu hit ærest sceawast and hire andwlita biþ reade wan, þæt þu miht eac gelacnian. Gif hit bið dægþerne leng on þonne .xii. monaþ and sio onsyn biþ þyslicu, þonne meaht þu hine betan to hwile and ne meaht, hwæþere, æltæwlice gelacnian.
If there is elf-suck in a person, the eyes are yellow where they should be red. If you wish to cure that person: consider his bearing and be aware of which sex he is. If it is a man and he looks up when you first look at him and his face is yellow-black, you might cure that man completely if he is not [like this] too long therein47. If it is a woman and she looks down when you first look at her and her face is dark red, you might also cure her. If she is a day longer than twelve months and her face is such-like, then you might better it for a while and, nevertheless, you might not completely cure [it].
Writ þis gewrit: "Scriptum est, rex regum et dominus dominantium. Byrnice, Beronice. lurlure. iehe. aius. aius. aius. Scs. Scs. Scs. Dominus Deus sabaoth. Amen. Alleluia."
Write this inscription: "It is written, King of Kings and Lord Lords. Byrnice, Beronice, lurlure. Iehe. Aius, aius, aius. Holy, holy, holy. Lord God of hosts. Amen. Halleluiah."
Sing þis ofer þam drence and þam gewrite: "Deus omnipotens, pater domini nostri iesu cristi, per inpositionem huius scriptura expelle a famulo tuo, N. Omnem impetuum castalidum de capite, de capillis,
Sing this over the drink and the inscription: "Omnipotent God, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, through the imposition of this writing drive out every attack by elves from your servant, Name [of the patient]. [Every attack] from the head, from the hair,

47. That is, if the person has not been "elf-sucked" for too long.
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