Old English
Modern English
xLviii. Drenc wiþ fic adle: nim bulut and eoforþrotan nioþowearde and wudufillan and geaces suran and æferþan. Gescearfa þas wyrto tosomne. Do on gellet innan. Læt standan neahterne ær þu hine drince.
xLviii. A drink for fig disease:43 take black horehound and the lower part of stemless carline thistle and wild chervil and wood sorrel and æferþe.44 Cut the plants together. Put [them] inside a large cup. Let stand overnight before you drink it.
Wyrc beþinge: nim þæt reade ryden. Do on trig hæt þonne stanas swiþe hate. Lege on þæt trig innan and he sitte on stole ofer þære beþinge þæt hio hine mæge tela gereocan and bewreoh þæt sio hæto mæge hine tela gereocan, þonne feallað þa fic wyrmas on þa beþinge. Him biþ sona sel. Drince þone drenc ær þære beþinge. Gif he þonne þa beþinge þurhteon ne mæge, drince þone drenc ælce dæge oþþæt him sel sie.
Make an ointment: take the red ryden.45 Put [it] in a trough then heat stones [until they are] very hot. Lay [the stones] within the trough and he should sit on a stool over that ointment so that it can smoke well and cover him so the heat can smoke him well, then the fig worms will fall into the ointment. Soon he will be well. Drink the drink [for fig disease] before the ointment. If then he cannot complete the ointment, drink that drink each day until he is well.
xLviiii. Wiþ sculdor wærce and earma: wyl betonican on ealoð. Sele drincan gelome and simle smire hine æt fyre mid wenwyrte.
xLviiii. For shoulder and arm pain: boil betony in ale. Give [it] often to drink and always smear him by the fire with lesser celandine.
L. Gif cneow sar sie: cnua beolenan and hemlic. Beþe mid and lege on.
L. If the knee is sore: pound henbane and hemlock. Make a fomentation46 with [it] and lay [it] on [the knee].
Li. Gif se fot sar sie: ellen leaf and wegbrædan and mucgwyrt gecnua and lege on and gebind hat, þær on.
Li. If the foot is sore: pound elder leaf and greater plantain and mugwort and lay [them] on [the foot] and bind [them] hot, thereon [it].
Lii. Gif þu ne mæge blod dolh forwriþan: nim niwe horses tord. Adrig on sunnan. Gegnid to duste
Lii. If you cannot stanch a bleeding wound: take a fresh dung of a horse. Dry [it] in the sun. Grind completely into dust.

43. Possibly hemorrhoids
44. Unknown herb according to both Bosworth-Toller and the Dictionary of Old English Plant Names.
45. Unknown herb according to both Bosworth-Toller and the Dictionary of Old English Plant Names.
46. That is, make a warm or liquid ointment.
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