Old English
Modern English
Him biþ sona sel. Eft, nim cellendran adrig. Gewyrc to duste. Gemeng þæt dust wiþ wifes meoluc þe wæpned fede. Awring þurh hæwenne clað and smire þæt hale wonge mid and drype on þæt eare wærlice.
Soon he will be well. Afterwards, take dry coriander. Make [it] into a dust. Mix that dust with the milk of a woman who nursed a male. Wring through blue cloth and smear the whole cheek with [it] and drip into the hurting ear.
Wyrc þonne beþinge: genim brembel rinde and elm rinde; æsc rinde, slahþorn rinde, apuldor rinde, ifig rinde (ealle þas nioþowearde), and hwerhwettan; smeruwyrt, eoforfearn, elene, ælfþone, betonice, marubie, redic, agrimonia. Gescearfa þa wyrta on cetel and wyl swiðe. Þonne hit sie swiþe gewylled, do of þam fyre and sete and gewyrc þam men setl ofer þam citele and bewreoh ðone man mid þæt se æþm ne mæge ut nahwær, butan he mæge a geeþian. Beþe hine mid þisse beþinge þa hwile þe he mæge aræfnan.
Then make an ointment: take bramble bark and wych elm bark; ash bark, sloe-thorn bark, crab-apple tree bark, ivy bark (all the lower part) and squirting cucumber; birthwort, polypody, elecampane, bittersweet nightshade, betony, white horehound, radish, [and] agrimony. Cut the plants into a kettle and boil vigorously. When it is thoroughly boiled, take [the kettle] off the fire and set [aside] and make the person sit over the kettle and cover the person with [something] so that the vapor may not escape out anywhere, unless he should breathe [it]. Bathe him with this ointment for as long as he can endure it.
Hafa him þonne oþer bæþ geara: genim æmet bed mid ealle þara þe hwilum fleogað beoþ reade. Wyl on wætre. Beþe hine mid ongemet hatum.
Then have another bath ready for him: take an ant bed with all those that fly sometimes [and] are red. Boil in water. Bathe him with the exceedingly hot [bath].
Wyrc him þonne sealfe: nim ælces þara cynnes wyrta. Wyl on buteran. Smire mid þa saran limu. Hie cwiciaþ sona.
Then make a salve for him: take plants of each of those kinds [mentioned above]. Boil in butter. Smear the sore limbs with [it]. They will come to life soon.
Wyrc him leage of ellen ahsan: þreah his heafod mid colre. Him biþ sona bet and se man læte him blod ælce monþe on .v. nihta ealdne monan and on fiftyne and on .xx.
Make leys of elder ashes for him: wash his head with the cold [leys]. Soon he will be better and the man should have his blood let each month during the five-night-old moon and during fifteenth and during twentieth.
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