Old English
Modern English
swiþe wel. Lege þæt dust swiþe þicce on linenne claþ. Wriþ mid þy þæt dolh.
Lay that dust very thickly inside linen cloth. Bind the wound with it.
Liii. Gif meoluc sie awyrd: bind tosomne wegbrædan and giþrifan and cersan. Lege on þone fildcumb and ne sete þæt fæt niþer on eorþan seofon nihtum.
Liii. If milk is spoiled: bind together greater plantain and corncockle and watercress. Lay [those plants] in the milk pail and do not set that vessel down on the earth for seven nights.
Liiii. Wyrc sealfe wið nihtgengan: wyl on buteran elehtran, hegerifan, bisceopwyrt, reade magþan, cropleac, sealt. Smire mid. Him bið sona sel.
Liiii. Make a salve against night goers: boil lupin, clovers, marsh mallow, red chamomile, leek, [and] salt in butter. Smear with [it]. Soon he will be well.
Lv. Gif man sio heafod-panne beo gehlenced: alege þone man upweard. Drif .ii. stacan æt þam eaxlum. Lege þonne bred þweores ofer þa fet. Sleah þonne þriwa on mid slege-bytle. Hio gæþ on riht sona.
Lv. If a person's skull is bent: lay the person upward. Drive two stakes at the shoulders. Then lay a board crosswise over the feet. Then strike [it] three times with a hammer. It [the skull] will go right soon.
Lvi. Gif man nelle myltan his mete: niþeweard clate and merce and sundcornes leaf wyl on ealaþ. Sele drincan.
Lvi. If a person can not digest his food: boil the lower part of greater burdock and wild celery and the leaf of meadow saxifrage in ale. Give to drink.
Lvii. Wiþ wif gemædlan: geberge on neaht nestig rædices moran. Þy dæge ne mæg þe se gemædla sceþþan.
Lvii. For a woman's talk: taste radish root after a night's fast. That day the talk cannot hurt you.
Lviii. Wiþ feondes costunge: rudmolin hatte wyrt weaxeþ be yrnendum wætre. Gif þu þa on þe hafast and under þinum heafod bolstre and ofer þines huses durum, ne mæg ðe deofol sceþþan inne
Lviii. Against the temptation of the devil: the herb called water pepper grows by a running water. If you have [it] on you and under your pillow and over the doors of your house, the devil cannot harm you inside
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