Old English
Modern English
Sele drincan scenc fulne.
Give a cup full to drink.
xLii. Gif swið drenc on man gesitte and he nelle ofgan: nim niþewearde celeþonian and lybcornes leaf oþþe arod. Wyl on ealað. Do buteran and sealt to. Sele drincan wearmes scenc fulne.
xLii. If a strong drink sits in a person and it will not leave [him]: take the lower part of celandine and the leaf of caper spurge or lords-and-ladies. Boil in ale. Put butter and salt into [it]. Give a cupful of the warm [drink] to drink.
xLiii. Wiþ attres drince: seoþ henne and hocces leaf on wætre. Ado þone fugel of and þa wyrta. Sele supan þæt broð wel gebuterod swa he hatost mæge. Gif he ær hæfþ attor gedruncen, ne biþ him ahte þe wyrs. Gif he þæt broð þonne ær sypð, ne meaht þu him þy dæge attor gesellan.
xLiii. For a drink of poison: boil a hen and the leaf of common mallow in water. Take the fowl and the plants from [the water]. Give that well-buttered broth to drink as hot as he can. If he has drunk poison before, he is none the worse. If he has sipped that broth before then, you may not give him poison that day.
xLiiii. Wiþ lusum: sele him etan gesodenne cawel on neaht nestig gelome. He biþ lusum bewered.
xLiiii. For lice: give him soaked cabbage to eat often after a night's fast. He will be defended from lice.
xLv. Gif þorn stinge man on fot oþþe hreod and nelle ofgan: nime niwe gose tord and grene gearwan. Cnuwige swiþe tosomne. Clæm on þæt dolh. Sona biþ sel.
xLv. If a thorn or a reed stings a person on the foot and [the thorn] will not leave [him]: take fresh goose dung and green yarrow. Pound [them] together thoroughly. Smear [them] on that wound. Soon [he] will be well.
xLvi. Wiþ æsmælum and wiþ eallum eagna wærce: ceow wulfescomb, wring þonne þurh hæwenne clað wyllenne on þa eagan þæt seap on night þonne he restan wille, and on morgen do æges þæt hwite þær on.
xLvi. For æsmæl and against all eye pains: chew fuller's teasel, then wring that juice through a blue woolen cloth into the eyes at night when he wants to rest, and in the morning put egg whites on [the eyes].
xLvii. Wiþ lyft adle, gif se muð sie woh oþþe won: nim cellendran. Gnid on wifes meolce. Do on þæt hale eare.
xLvii. For paralysis, if the mouth is bent or bruised: take coriander. Grind [it] into the milk of a woman. Put on the whole ear.
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