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Modern English
Smire þone man mid on þa þunwonge and bufan þam eagum and ufan þæt heafod and þa breost and under þam earmum, þa sidan. Þeos sealf is god wiþ ælcre feondes costunga and ælf-sidenne and lencten adle.
Smear the person with [it] on the temples and above the eyes and on top of the head and the breast and under the arms, the sides. This salve is good against the temptation of every fiend and elf-influence and spring disease.
Gif þu wilt lacnian gewit-seocne man: gedo bydene fulle cealdes wætres. Dryp þriwa on þæs drences. Beþe þone man on þam wætre and ete se man gehalgodne half and cyse and garleac and cropleac, and drince þæs drences scenc fulne and þonne he sie bebaþod, smire mid þære sealfe swiþe and siþþan him sel sie. Wyrc him þonne swiðne drenc utyrnendum. Wyrc þus þone drenc: nim lybcornes leaf and celeþonian moran and glædenan moran and hocces moran and ellenes wyttruman rinde. Wyl on ealað. Læt standan neahterne, ahlyttre þonne and gewyrm. Do buteran to and sealt. Sele drincan.
If you wish to heal a wit-sick person: take a barrel full of cold water. Drip three drops of the drink into [the barrel]. Bathe the person in the water and have the person eat holy bread and cheese and garlic and leeks, and [have him] drink a cupful of the drink and when he is bathed, smear [him] thoroughly with [that salve] and afterwards he will be well. Then make a strong purgative drink for him. Make thus the drink: take the leaf of caper spurge fruit and celandine root and yellow iris root and common mallow's root and elder root's bark. Boil in ale. Let [the ale] stand overnight, then purify and warm. Put butter and salt into [it]. Give to drink.
Wyrc spiwe drenc utyrnendum42: nim feowertig lybcorna. Berend wel and gegnid on nioþowearde celeþonian and hocces moran and twa clufe þære clufehtan wenwyrte and hwerhwette niþewearde an lytel and hamwyrte moran medmicel. Gedo ealle þa wyrta swiþe wel clæne and gecnua. Do on eala. Bewreoh. Læt standan neahterne.
Make a spew drink for diarrhea: take forty caper spurge fruits. Peel well and grind [them] into the lower part of celandine and common mallow's root and two cloves of the cloved lesser celandine and a little of the lower part of squirting cucumber and a moderate amount of house leek root. Make all the plants very clean and pound [them]. Put in ale. Boil. Let stand over night.

42. MS: utyrnendne
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