Old English
Modern English
do on breowende wyrt hwon. Clæm on þa dolh and utan ymb. Siþþan hie gesmyred synd, seo sealf wile ærest þa dolh ryman and þæt deade flæsc ofetan and þone swile aþwænan and þone wyrm þær on deadne gedeþ oþþe cwicne ofdrifð and þa dolh gelacnað.
put a little brewing herb into [it]. Smear into the wound and around the outside [of it]. After it is smeared, the salve will first enlarge the wound and eat off the dead flesh and lessen the swelling and do to death the worm therein or drive it away in life and heal the wound.
xL. Wiþ þon þe mon sie monaþ-seoc: nim mere swines fel. Wyrc to swipan. Swing mid þone man. Sona bið sel. Amen.
xL. In case a person is month-sick: take the skin of a dolphin. Make [it] into a whip. Whip the man with [it]. Soon [he] will be well. Amen.
xLi. Wrc godne drenc wiþ eallum feondes costungum: nim betonican, bisceopwyrt, elehtran, gyþrifan, attorlaþan, wulfescamb, gearwan. Lege under weofod. Gesinge .viiii. mæssan ofer. Gescearfa þa wyrta on halig wæter. Sele drincan on neaht nestig scenc fulne and do þæt halig wæter on ealne þone mete þe se man þicge.
xLi. Make a good drink against all temptations of the devil: take betony, marsh mallow, lupin, corncockle, fumitory, fuller's teasel, [and] yarrow. Lay [them] under an altar. Sing nine masses over [them]. Cut the plants into holy water. Give a cupful to drink after night's fast and put that holy water on all the food that the person consumes.
Wyrc gode sealfe wiþ feondes costunga: bisceopwyrt, elehtre, harasprecel, streawberian wise, sio clufihte wenwyrt, eorðrima, brembelæppel, polleian, wermod. Gecnua þa wyrta ealle. Awylle on godre buteran. Wring þurh clað. Sete under weofod. Singe .viiii. mæssan ofer.
Make a good salve against the temptations of the devil: [take] Marsh mallow, lupin, viper's bugloss, strawberry stalk, the cloved lesser celandine, eorð-rima41, bramble, pennyroyal, [and] wormwood. Pound all the plants. Boil in good butter. Wring through a cloth. Set under an altar. Sing nine masses over [it].

41. Unknown herb according to both Bosworth-Toller and the Dictionary of Old English Plant Names.
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