Old English
Modern English
and fisces geallan and hrefnes geallan and haran geallan. Meng tosomne. Smire þa dolh mid. Blaw mid hreode on þæt seaw on þæt dolh. Cnua þonne heorot brembel leaf. Lege on þa dolh.
and the gall of a fish and the gall of a crab and the gall of a hare. Mix together. Smear the wound with [it]. Blow that juice into the wound with a reed. Then pound the leaf of buckthorn. Lay [it] on the wound.
Wyrc beþinge to þon ilcan: nim æps rinde and wir rind; cwic rinde, slahþorn rinde, wir rinde, berc rinde. Cnua elle þa rinda. Wyl on cyse hwæge. Þweah mid and beþe þæt lim þe se wyrm on sie, and æfter þære beþinge adrig and smire mid þære sealfe, and blaw þa sealfe on þa dolh, and lege ða brembel leaf on. Do swa on dæge ðriwa on sumera and on wintra twiwa.
Make an ointment for the same [problem]: take aspen bark and bog-myrtle bark; rowan bark, sloe-thorn bark, bog-myrtle bark, [and] birch bark. Pound all the barks. Boil in cheese whey. Wash with [it] and bathe that limb that the worm is in, and after that ointment dry [him] and smear with the salve, and blow the salve into the wound, and lay bramble leaves on [it]. Do so three times a day in summer and twice [a day] in winter.
Wyrc þa blacan sealfe gif þe þearf sie: gesamna þe tu ambru hryþra micgean and amber fulne holen rinda and æsc rinda and þunges. Wylle þonne on cetele oþþæt se wæta sie twæde on bewylled. Ado of þa wyrta and þa rinda. Wyl eft oþþæt hit sie swa þicce swa molcen and swa sweart swa col. Smire mid siþþan þæt dolh, and hafa clam geworht of mealtes smedman and of hwiting melwe and elehtran clufa. Cnua and gnid tosomne. Wyrc to clame. Gif he sie to drige,
[Then] make the black salve if need be: gather two pails of cows urine and a pail full of holly bark and ash bark and monk's hood. Then boil in a kettle until the liquid is boiled to two thirds [its former volume]. Take the plants and the barks from [it]. Boil afterwards until it is as thick as milk and as dark as coal. Smear the wound with [it] afterwards, and have a poultice of fine malt flour and of whiting meal and lupin cloves made. Pound and grind together. Make into a poultice. If it is too dry,
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