Old English
Modern English
blede to swiþe æfter þam beorþre: nioþowearde cletan wyl on meolce. Sele etan and supan þæt wos.
bleed too much after the birth: boil the lower part of greater burdock in milk. Give [the root] to eat and the juice to sup.
xxxviii. Wiþ þon þe wifum sie forstanden hira monaþ gecynd: wyl on ealað hleomoc and twa curmeallan. Sele drincan and beþe wif on hatum baþe and drince þone drenc on þam baþe. Hafa þe ær geworht clam of beor dræstan and of grenre mucgwyrte and merce and of berene melwe. Meng ealle tosomne. Gehrer on pannan. Clæm on þæt gecynde lim and on þone cwið nioþoweardne þonne hio of þam baðe gæþ, and drince scenc fulne þæs ilcan scences wearmes, and bewreoh þæt wif wel, and læt beon swa beclæmed lange tide þæs dæges. Do swa tuwa swa þriwa, swæþer þu scyle. Þu scealt simle þam wife bæþ wyrcean and drenc sellan on þa ilcan tid þe hire sio gecynd æt wære. Ahsa þæs æt þam wife.
xxxviii. In case a woman's monthly cycle is hindered:40 boil brooklime and two knapweeds in ale. Give to drink and bathe the woman in a hot bath and let her drink that drink in the bath. Have already prepared a poultice of beer dregs and of green mugwort and wild celery and of barley meal. Mix all together. Stir in a dish. Smear on that "naturely part" and on the lower womb when she goes from the bath, and let her drink a cupful of the same warm draught, and clothe that woman well, and let [her] remain smeared for a good portion of the day. Do either two or three times, whichever you must. You shall always make a bath for that woman and give the drink at the same time that her cycle next comes to her. Ask the woman [about this].
Gif wife to swiþe offlowe sio monað gecynd: genim niwe horses tord. Lege on hate gleda. Læt reocan swiþe betweoh þa þeoh, up under þæt hrægl, þæt se mon swæte swiþe.
If the monthly cycle flows too quickly from a woman: take a fresh dung of a horse. Lay [it] on a hot coal. Let [it] smoke a lot between the thighs, up under her clothes, so that the person sweats a lot.
xxxviiii. Wið smeawyrme, smiring: nim swines geallan
xxxviiii. For a penetrating worm, a spread: take the gall of a swine

40. Cockayne: "In case mulieribus menstrual suppressa sunt..."
Olds: "In case a woman is stopped up in her monthly cycle..."
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