Old English
Modern English
on neahtnestig. Do þæs meluwes twæde and þæs sealtes þriddan dæl. Wyrc ælce dæge niwne.
after a night's fast. Take two parts of meal and three parts of salt. Make new each day.
xi. Wiþ seondum geallan: ete rædic and pipor on neaht nestig, and awylled linsæd on meolce supe mid. Do þus gelome. Him biþ sona sel. 27
xi. For oozing galls: eat radish and pepper after a night's fast, and sup boiled linseed in milk with [it]. Do thus often. Soon he will be well.28
xii. Wið þære geolwan adle sio cymð of seondum geallan: genim þæs scearpan þistles moran and betonican and attorlaþan hand fulle and gyþrifan hand fulle and .viiii. snæda nioþowearde æscþrotan. Ofgeot mid strangan beore oþþe mid strangum ealað and drince gelome. Sele him etan gewyrtodne henfugel and gesodenne cawel on godum broðe. Do þus gelome. Him biþ sona sel.
xii. For the yellow disease which comes from oozing galls: take the root of a sharp thistle and betony and a handful of fumitory and a handful of corncockle and nine morsels of the lower part of vervain. Soak with strong beer or with strong ale and drink often. Give him seasoned hen-fowl and soaked cabbage in a good broth to eat. Do thus often. Soon he will be well.
Wyrc godne dust drenc wiþ þære geolwan adle: nim merces sæd and finoles sæd; dile sæd, eoforþrotan sæd, feldmoran sæd, sæþerian sæd, petorsilian sæd, alexandran sæd, lufestices sæd, betonican sæd, caules sæd, costes sæd, cymenes sæd, and pipores mæst - þara oðerra emfela. Gegnid ealle wel to duste. Nim þæs dustes godne cucler fulne. Do on strang
Make a good dust drink29 for the yellow disease: take wild celery seed and fennel seed; dill seed, stemless carline thistle seed, wild carrot seed, wild basil seed, garden parsley seed, alexanders seed, lovage seed, betony seed, cabbage seed, alecost seed, caraway seed and of pepper the most - of the others equal parts. Grind them all well into dust. Take a good spoonful of that dust. Put in strong,

27. Marginalia: Herto
28. Marginalia: Here to
29. Bosworth-Toller: "dust-drenc es; m. A drink made of the seeds of herbs rubbed to dust"
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