Old English
Modern English
and mersc mealwan and attorlaþan and weoþobend and hwerhwettan and clufwyrt and sigel hweorfan; hind heoloþan, mucgwyrt, wudu fillan, garclifan, wrætte, lufestice, mageþan, giþcorn, wad, finul, þefan þorn, selfæte, eoforþrote, cicena mete, dulhrune, wylisc moru, hnut beames leaf, næp, gearwe, hofe, hoc leaf, alexandre, fica, perfica, se fula wermod, sio greate banwyrt, ac leaf, wegbræde, grunde swelge, read clæfre, leahtric, þufe þistel, taru, hege clife, cluf þung, englisc moru, dynige.
viiii. Wiþ hwostan: wyl marubian on wætre godne dæl. Geswet hwon. Sele drincan scenc ful. Eft, marubian swiðe wyl on hunige. Do hwon buteran on. Sele .iii. snæda oþþe .iiii. etan on neaht nestig. Be sup scenc fulne mid wearmes þæs ærran drences.
viiii. For a cough: boil a good deal of white horehound in water. Sweeten a little. Give a cup full to drink. Afterwards, boil white horehound vigorously in honey. Put in a little butter. Give three or four morsels to eat after a night's fast.26 Sup a cupful with some of the previous drink, warmed.
x. Wiþ þon þe mon blode hræce and spiwe: genim god beren mela and hwit sealt. Do on ream oþþe gode flete. Hrer on blede oþþæt hit sie þicce swa þynne briw. Sele etan .viiii. snæda .viiii. morgenas
x. In case a person hawks and spews blood: take good barley meal and white salt. Put in cream or good skimmings. Stir in a bowl until it is as thick as a thin pottage. Give nine morsels to eat [for] nine mornings

24. Unknown herb according to both Bosworth-Toller and the Old English Plant Dictionary.
25. Unknown herb according to both Bosworth-Toller and the Old English Plant Dictionary.
26. Bosworth-Toller: "niht-nistig Add, on nihtnihstig >> after fasting a night <<"
cf. Cockayne and Olds who translate "on nihtnistig" as "at night fasting."
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