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IIII. Wiþ toþ ece: ceow pipor gelome mid þam toþum. Him biþ sona sel. Eft, seoð beolenan moran on strangum ecede oþþe on wine. Sete on þone saran toþ and hwilum ceowe mid þy saran toþe. He bið hal.
iiii. For a toothache: chew pepper often with the teeth. Soon he will be well. Afterwards, boil henbane root in strong vinegar or in wine. Set [the boiled root] on the sore tooth and chew for a while with the sore tooth. He will be whole.
Gif þa teþ synd hole: ceow boþenes moran mid ecede on þa healfe.
If the teeth have holes: chew ragwort root with vinegar on that part.
v. Wiþ innan tobrocenum muðe: nim plum treowes leaf. Wyl on wine and swile mide þone muþ.
v. For an inwardly broken mouth: take the leaf of the plum tree. Boil in wine and swill [it] with the mouth.
vi. Wiþ ceocadle: nim þone hweorfan þe wif mid spinnað. Bind on his sweoran mid wyllenan þræde and swile innan mid hate gate meolce. Him biþ sel.
vi. For cheek disease: take the whorl a woman spins with. Bind [it] on his neck with woolen thread and swill in [the mouth] with hot goat's milk. He will be well.
Wið ceol wærce: adelf ær sunnan upgange wegbrædan. Bind on his sweoran. Eft, bærn swealwan to duste and meng wiþ feldbeon hunig. Sele him etan gelome.
For jowl23 pain: dig up greater plantain before sunrise. Bind it on his neck. Afterwards, burn a swallow to dust and mix with field bee honey. Give [it] to him to eat often.
vii. Wiþ heals wærce: wyl neoþewearde netelan on oxan smerwe and on buteran. Þonne, þone heals wærc, smire ða þeoh. Gif þa þeoh wærce, smire þone heals mid þære sealfe. Eft wyl niþewearde netelan on ecede. Do oxan geallan on þæt eced and þa wyrte of smire mid þone heals.
vii. For neck pain: boil the lower part of nettle in the fat of an ox and in butter. Then, when the neck hurts, smear the thigh. If the thigh hurts, smear the neck with that salve. Afterwards, boil the lower part of nettle in vinegar. Put the gall of an ox in that vinegar and [take] the herbs out. Smear the neck with it.
viii. Wiþ bite: wyrc sealfe. Nim þas wyrte safenan
viii. For cancer: make a salve. Take the plants sabine

23. For a discussion of "ceole," see footnote 7
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