Old English
Modern English
and do on þa eagan siþþan
and put [it] on the eyes afterwards.
Wyrc gode drige scade sealfe: nim swegles æppel and gebærned sealt and pipor and attrum and hwit cwudu. Gegnid to duste. Asift þurh clað. Do lytlum on. Eft, hwit cwudu and gebærned oster syl gnid to duste and nytta swa þe þearf sie. Ægþer mæg adon flie of eagan.
Make a good dry salve for obscure vision: take beetle nut and burned salt and pepper and attrum and mastic. Grind to dust. Sift through a cloth. Put a little on [him]. Afterwards, grind mastic and burned oyster shell to dust and use as needed. Either may remove the white speck from the eyes.
Wyrc smeþe eag sealfe: nim buteran, wyl on pannan. Afleot þæt fam of and ahlyttre þa buteran on blede. Do eft þæt hluttre on pannan. Gecnua celeþonian, bisceopwyrt, wudumerce. Wyl swiþe. Aseoh þurh clað. Nytta swa þe þearf sie.
Make a smooth eye salve: take butter, boil [it] in a pan. Skim off the foam and clarify the butter in a bowl. Put afterwards that clarified [butter] into a pan. Pound celandine, marsh mallow [and] wild celery. Boil vigorously. Strain through a cloth. Use as needed.
III. Wiþ ear wærce: genim henne gelyndo and oster scylle. Sete on gleda. Gewyrm hwon and dryp on þa earan. Sona beoð hale. Eft, celendran seap and wifes meoluc gewyrm on scylle and dryp on þa earan.
III. For ear pain: take hen's grease and an oyster shell. Set on live coals. Warm a little and drip into the ears. Soon [they] will be whole. Afterwards, warm the sap of coriander and the milk of a woman in the shell and drip into the ears.
Gif wyrmas sien on earan: do belenan seap wearm on þa wyrmas. Hie beoþ deade and feallað of and þa earan hale. Eft, wring curmeallan seap on oþþe marubian oððe wermod wearmne. Sona him bið sel.
If worms are in the ears: put warm henbane sap on the worms. They will be dead and will fall off and the ears will be whole. Afterwards, wring knapweed sap or white horehound or warm wormwood into [the ears]. Soon he will be well.
Wyrc gode ear sealfe: genim bares geallan and fearres and ele, ealra emfela. Læt drypan wearn on þæt eare.
Make a good ear salve: take the gall of a bear and the gall of a bull and oil, all in equal parts. Allow the warm [salve] to drip into that ear.
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