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xxvi. Wiþ miclan lice: genim nioþowearde elenan and þung and ompran þa þe swimman wile, ealra emfela, and gecnua wel and wyl on buteran. Do wel sealtes on and smire mid.
xxvi. For "big body:" take the lower part of elecampane and monk's hood and yellow pond lily, all equally, and pound well and boil in butter. Add in a good [amount] of salt33 and smear with [it].
Wyrc bið wiþ þam miclan lice: elene, ælfþone, marubie, curmealle, ellen tanas, and ac tanas, wyl swiðe on wætre and beþe on swiðe hatum þæt lic.
Make a bath for "big body:" boil elecampane, bittersweet nightshade, white horehound, knapweed, elder twigs and oak twigs vigorously in water and bathe the body in a very hot [bath].
Wyrc drenc wið þam miclan lice: hindhioloþan, curmeallan, bogen, nefte, agrimonia, betonica, finul, dile, do on god ealo. Sele drincan on dæge .iii. scencas fulle.
Make a drink for "big body:" put wood sage, knapweed, ragwort, cat mint, agrimony, betony, fennel, [and] dill in good ale. Give three cupfuls to drink during the day.
Wyrc briw wiþ þon ilcan: genim nioþowearde elenan and eoforþrotan, redic and þa readan netlan nioþowearde. Scearfa smæle. Gecnua wel. Wyl siþþan on buteran. Do clæne ifig taran þær on gif þu hæbbe and hwon berenes melwes. Do on blede mid þam wyrtum and hrer mid sticcan oþþæt hit col sie. Sele etan on neaht nestig .iii. snæda. Sele þone briw and þone drenc ær þam bæþe þy læs hit inslea æfter þam baþe.
Make a pottage against the same [problem]: take the lower part of elecampane and stemless carline thistle, garden radish and red nettles, the lower part. Cut into small shreds. Pound well. Boil afterwards in butter. Put clean ivy tar thereon if you have [it] and a little barley meal. Put in a bowl with the plants and stir with a spoon until it is cool. Give three morsels to eat after a night's fast. Give the pottage and the drink before the bath lest it [the big-body] strike after the bath.34
xxvii. Wiþ singalum þurste35 untrumra manna: nim wermod and hindhioloþan and gyþrifan. Wylle on ealaþ. Geswete hwon. Sele him drincan. Hit hælþ þone þurst36
xxvii. For the continual dust from sick people: take wormwood and wood sage and corncockle. Boil in ale. Sweeten a little. Give [it] to him to drink. It will heal the thirst

33. Cockayne: "add a good spice of salt..."
Olds: "Add sufficient salt..."
34. For a discussion of the verb inslea see Olds' footnote p.98, n. 3
35. MS: dust
36. MS: þrst
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