Old English
Modern English
ongean cume oþþe man, ne cweþ þu him ænig word to ær þu cume to þære wyrte þe þu on æfen ær gemearcodest. Sing þonne Benedicte and Pater Noster and letania. Adelf þa wyrt. Læt stician þæt seax þær on. Gang eft swa þu raþost mæge to ciricean and lege under weofod mid þam seaxe. Læt licgean oþþæt sunne uppe sie. Awæsc siþþan. Do to drence and bisceopwyrt and cristes mæles ragu. Awyl þriwa on meolcum. Geot þriwa halig wæter on. Sing on Pater Noster and credan and Gloria in Excelsis Deo and sing on hine letania and hine eac ymb writ mid sweorde on .iiii. healfa on cruce and drince þone drenc siþþan. Him biþ sona sel.
you should not say any word to him before you arrive at the plant that you previously marked in the evening. Then sing Benedicte and Pater Noster and litanies. Dig up the plant. Leave that short knife sticking therein. Go afterwards as early as you can to the church and lay [the plant] under the altar with that short knife. Let [it] lie [there] until the sun is up. Wash afterwards. Make [it] into a drink with marsh mallow and lichen from a crucifix. Boil three times in milk. Pour holy water into [it] three times. Sing Pater Noster and credos and Gloria in Excelsis Deo on [it] and sing litanies on it and also circumscribe it on all four sides with a sword in the [figure of] a cross and drink that drink afterwards. Soon he will be well.
Eft wiþ þon: lege under weofod þas wyrte, læt gesingan ofer .viiii. mæssan: recels, halig sealt, .iii. heafod cropleaces, ælfþonan nioþewearde, elenan. Nim on morgen scenc fulne meoluce. Dryp þriwa haliges wæteres on. Supe swa he hatost mæge. Ete mid .iii. snæda ælfþonan and þonne he restan wille, hæbbe gleda þær inne. Lege stor and ælfþonan on þa gleda and rec hine mid þæt he swæte and þæt hus geond rec and georne þone man gesena and þonne he on reste gange, ete .iii. snæda eolenan
Afterwards for that [same disease]: lay these plants under an altar, [and] let sing nine masses over [them]: frankincense, holy salt, three heads of leek, the lower part of bittersweet nightshade, and elecampane. Take a cupful of milk in the morning. Drip holy water into [it] three times. Sup as hot as he can. Eat with three morsels of bittersweet nightshade and when he wants to rest, have coals therein. Lay frankincense and bittersweet nightshade on the coals and smoke him with [that] until he sweats and smoke that house entirely and eagerly make the sign of the cross on that person and when he goes in to rest, [have him] eat three morsels of elecampane,
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