Old English
Modern English
i. For a headache; and for an old headache; and for a half head ache.
ii. For swollen eyes; and a good eye-salve; and for darkness in the eyes and for the white speck and for worms in the eyes and in case flesh grows on the eyes and if a red spongy excrescence grows on the eyes and if eyes tear; and a salve for obscure vision of the eyes; and a smooth eye salve.
iii. For an earache and in case worms are in the ears and a good ear salve.
iiii. For a toothache and if teeth are hollow.1
v. For an inwardly broken mouth.
vi. For cheek disease and for jowl pain.2
vii. For a neck ache.
viii. For cancer.3
viiii. For coughing.
x. For when a person spits up blood.
xi. For oozing gall.
xii. For the yellow disease.4
xiii. For chest pain.
xiiii. For cough and for lung disease.
xv. For stomach pain and for swelling [of the stomach].
xvi. For spleen pain.

1. Cavities
2. Bosworth-Toller: "ceole, f. the throat, JOWL; guttur, fauces."
3. Bosworth-Toller: "bite, es; m. Wið canceradle, ðæt is, bite, >>against cancer-disease, that is, a biting disease,<<."
4. Jaundice
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