Old English
Modern English
ne ute.
nor outside.
Lviiii. Wiþ þeor wenne: gif he sie men on cneowe oþþe on oþrim lime, wyrc clam of surre rigenre grut oððe dage. Do æges hwit to and broc-cersan. Lege on þæt lim oþþæt se clam hatige. Do of þone. Lege oþerne þær on.
Lviiii. Against a þeor cyst: if it is on the knee or another limb of a person, make a poultice of sour rye grout or dough. Put the white of an egg and watercress into [it]. Lay [it] on that limb until the poultice heats up. Take it off. Lay another there on.
Lx. Wyrc gode ear sealfe: hundestunge niþeweard and singrene and sinfulle; tunhofe nioþoweard, celeþonian leaf, garleac, cropleac, do on win oððe on eced. Wring þurh hæwenne clað on þæt eare. Læt standan .iii. niht ær þu hine on do. Eft, nim cropleac and sinfullan. Gecnua hwon wines to and wring on þæt eare. Him biþ sona sel.
Lx. Make a good ear salve: put the lower part of hound's tongue and bog violet and house leek; the lower part of yard ground-ivy, celandine leaf, garlic, [and] leek in wine or in vinegar. Wring through a blue cloth into that ear. Let [the salve] stand three nights before you put it into [the ear]. Afterwards, take leek and house leek. Pound [them] into a little wine and wring into that ear. Soon he will be well.
Lxi. Wyrc sealfe wiþ ælfcynne and nihtgengan and þam mannum þe deofol mid hæmð: genim eowohumelan, wermod, bisceopwyrt, elehtre, æscþrote, beolone, harewyrt, haransprecel, hæþerbergean wisan, cropleac, garleac, hegerifan corn, gyþrifan, finul. Do þas wyrta on an fæt. Sete under weofod. Sing ofer .viiii. mæssan. Awyl on buteran and on sceapes smerwe. Do haliges sealtes fela on. Aseoh þurh clað. Weorp þa wyrta on yrnende wæter.
Lxi. Make a salve against elf-kind and night goers and those people who the devil has sex with: take bryony, wormwood, marsh mallow, lupin, vervain, henbane, common cudweed, viper's bugloss, crowberry stalk, leek, garlic, clover seed, corncockle, [and] fennel. Put those plants in a cup. Set [the cup] under an altar. Sing nine masses over [it]. Boil [the plants] in butter and in the fat of a sheep. Put a lot of holy salt in [it]. Strain through a cloth. Throw the plants in running water.
Gif men hwilc yfel costung weorþe oþþe ælf
If some kind of evil temptation or elf
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